Bishop dresses as Tarzan to celebrate Mass

Novus Horror Missae in Ruvo di Puglia: Bishop Girasoli, in a leopard-print chasuble, clears the way for liturgical animalier for 'St Tarzan'?

Bishop Nicola Girasoli celebrates with a leopard-print 'chasuble' in Ruvo di Puglia on the anniversary of his priestly ordination.

A friend of ours sent us these photos, (also pointed out to us by diligent readers, one of whom also as a provocation that we heartily thank) showing the bishop (former apostolic nuncio) celebrating in clericals without a surplice (and we imagine without even a stole; amitto and cincture, needless to say!) with a casual in animalier and mitre to match.

The occasion seems to have been the parish anniversary (4/9/2023), in Ruvo di Puglia, of a good priest, much loved by his parishioners, who can be seen concelebrating in a manner certainly more worthy of the Bishop (and who can be seen wearing the cassock in many photos).

The photos are taken from the public (unofficial) 'Ruvo Cathedral' page.

There are many rightly indignant comments, but the most hilarious are those of mockery: from the memory of 'Saint Tarzan', to the vestments signed 'Elettra Lamborghini'.

See here to believe.
Oh yes, His Excellency knows how to dress up as a bishop: see here, complete with ironwork in a photo of an article on his honour conferred on him by the Rotary Club (2007).
Anyway no, it's not a joke: at the bottom of the post you can find the screen shot from the Facebook page (in case they delete them).

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