Crisp bowls purchased at IKEA are not worthy vessels for the Eucharist

Surprise among priests at WYD Spanish Encounter Mass for having communion distributed in bowls of potato chips

Communion bowls at WYD Mass 

During the meeting of Spaniards at World Youth Day (WYD), held in Portugal, a Mass was held in which bowls of potato chips were used to distribute communion instead of ciboria. This unusual gesture has generated surprise and debate among the attendees.

The curious event took place in Estoril, where thousands of young Spaniards gathered to participate in the Mass presided by Cardinal Omella. Instead of the traditional chalices and patens, bowls of potato chips or olives were used to distribute communion among the faithful. As can be seen in the photograph, the bowls were distributed to the priests with the plastic wrap and the Ikea bar code unremoved.

According to sources close to the organization of the event, this initiative sought to convey a message of humility and simplicity, inviting young people to reflect on the value of material elements in the liturgy. However, this choice was not without controversy, as some considered it to be a lack of respect for the sacred symbols.

In response to the criticism, WYD organizers have clarified that this decision was made by consensus and in full agreement with the ecclesiastical authorities. They also stressed that the intention was to promote an open dialogue and a profound reflection on the importance of faith and spirituality in the lives of young people.

Although this way of distributing communion may seem unusual and surprising to many, the Catholic Church allows some flexibility in the choice of liturgical objects, as long as the fundamental principles of the faith are respected.

In short, the use of bowls of potato chips at the Mass of the Spanish WYD gathering in Portugal has generated controversy and debate among the faithful. While some see it as an opportunity to reflect on humility and simplicity, others consider it a lack of respect for sacred symbols. Undoubtedly, this will remain an anecdote in the history of WYD and will continue to be the subject of discussion in the coming days.

The Mass, attended by more than 30,000 Spanish pilgrims, was concelebrated by 64 Spanish bishops and more than 900 priests.



M. Prodigal said…
If only bread is being handed out, the bowls (were they even washed?) would be fine. Hmmm..and certain ones wonder why there is little belief in the Real Presence.
BAM said…
You speak of "bowls of potato chips" but I'm not seeing any chips! Did you perhaps mean "potato chip" bowls, i.e. bowls for potato chips?
Fr Mike said…
"Bowls of potato chips" and "Bowls of olives" isn't quite accurate. They may be used for those food stuffs, but they were filled with hosts for consecration, covered to avoid being blown away by the wind. "Bowls used for potato chips/olives" might be less upsetting. Those items were not "consecrated" in place of the hosts.