Bishop recommends going to see "Jesus is My Homeboy" exhibition

 Tirol: David LaChapelle shows picture cycle "Jesus is My Homeboy"

Exhibition in Seefeld on view with free admission - Bishop Glettler visited show before trip to World Youth Day: "Jesus like an apparition in the midst of a multicultural gang"

In Innsbruck and Seefeld, pictures by the US-American photo artist and director David LaChapelle can currently be seen, which take up Christian themes in a contemporary way. Under the title "Last Supper", the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is showing the title-giving main work and other photographs by the world-class artist. In parallel, "KiS - Kunst in Seefeld" is presenting LaChapelle's 2003 series "Jesus is My Homeboy". One of the visitors, shortly before his departure for the World Youth Day in Lisbon, was the Bishop of Innsbruck (and learned art historian (!!)) Hermann Glettler, who was taken with it: "Go and take a look at it!" was his recommendation on Instagram.

The photo series by LaChapelle shows "the biblical Jesus like an apparition in the midst of a multicultural gang", the bishop, who is himself an artist, described the picture series. It is "very contemporary, a bit LA and Oberammergau in the mix, but underpinned with many current themes".

As a "master of pathos and emotion", David LaChapelle transposes the Jesus story into today's American city settings, according to the exhibition organisers in Seefeld. In front of detailed backdrops, Mary Magdalene or disciples like the unbelieving Thomas - "who could have sprung from the rapper or hip-hop scene" - gathered around Jesus. Jesus was always the figure at the centre of the action and dominated "as if from another star" each of these tableaux vivants, as representations of works of painting and sculpture by living persons are called.


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