Bishop stays silent when questioned about his lavish funding of modern art

Bishop Glettler silent on cost of Lenten art events

The construction and dismantling of the projects in the three Innsbruck churches alone, including the Lenten cloth with the pig's heart depicted on it, reportedly cost around 15,000 euros.

The art installation of Innsbruck diocesan bishop Hermann Glettler in three Innsbruck churches for Lent 2023 continue to give the Diocese no peace. It is now about the question of costs.

According to information available to, the issue was brought up in writing at the priests' council, in which Bishop Glettler also participated. There, some priests expressed their displeasure about the Lenten cloth with the pig's heart depicted on it above the altar of the Hospital Church, especially in view of the fact that the diocese has much more pressing problems, such as the lack of vocations and the high numbers of people leaving the church. They criticized the general lack of transparency in the financing of Bishop Glettler's cultural projects. The bishop was reticent to answer questions about funding.

Construction and dismantling of the Lenten projects are said to have cost around 15,000 euros. These would have to be financed from the current budget of the churches, reports a source from the diocese.

Allegedly, Glettler has recently repeatedly asked private individuals or companies for financial support for his art actions. In the priests' council, he had been expected to answer questions on this point


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