Bishop at World Youth Day- "No one is born in the wrong body"

 Munilla signs up to 'make a mess' at WYD: "No one is born in the wrong body"

The Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante, José Ignacio Munilla, has taken seriously the invitation of Pope Francis to 'make a mess' at WYD.

And it is that at this time "making a mess" can be synonymous with going against the current for the mere fact of proclaiming truths of faith or scientific and that can lead to the media martyring you, as is happening to Munilla.

In his catechesis on integral ecology, Bishop Munilla wanted to give a different approach to what perhaps we are used to hearing when other ecclesial leaders talk about these issues.

Munilla has criticized the inconsistency of those who risk their lives to save seals, whales or penguins but at the same time defend abortion. "What ecology is that?" asked the former Bishop of San Sebastián. At the same time, he charged against environmentalism that "seeks to take the place of God and becomes a false religion."

Criticism of transgenderism

"Ecology has to begin with respect for ourselves, God has created us well, God does not make mistakes, no one is born in the wrong body," said Munilla, who was applauded by the young people after that statement.

Munilla has also criticized that environmentalism "denounces transgenics, but" at the same time" defends "the transgender, that one can suddenly change from being a man to being a woman." "It is a contradiction that makes an ideology clear," he has pointed out.

These statements by the Bishop of Orihuela have unleashed a media campaign by national leftist media against the bishop, whom they accuse of being a "transphobe" for telling the truth.

On the other hand, the prelate of Basque origin denounced that "the existence of 'dogchildren' in our culture is a drama and he was concerned about seeing more and more baby carriages without children and with dogs inside. "Let the dogs be dogs," the bishop requested.