Angry modernist complaints when priest will only give Communion on the tongue

BDKJ (Federation of German Catholic Youth) : Clerical abuse of power / Auxiliary Bishop Hegge: No-Go

FLUHM priests

Priest urges Münster World Youth Day pilgrims to Communion on the tongue

In the service described, a priest puts communion in the mouth of a young woman, although she signals her desire for hand communion by opening her hands. 

Against their will, participants in World Youth Day from the Diocese of Münster received the Eucharist as Communion on the tongue.

A priest who probably came from Austria rejected the hand communion indicated in the service.

The BDKJ speaks of clerical abuse of power, Münster's auxiliary bishop Christoph Hegge of a "no go".

On Wednesday, against their express will, several participants in World Youth Day from the Diocese of Münster received the Eucharist not as hand communion but as mouth communion. The priest pressed the host into his mouth, reports Hendrik Roos to "". "I cupped my hand in plain sight and held it out to him." Roos, who claims to be a simple pilgrim in Lisbon, is also the spiritual leader of the BDKJ in the Münster diocese.

The participant Sarah from the Diocese of Münster also experienced this situation, but does not want to be named with her full name. She speaks of border-violating behavior: "I didn't feel comfortable, couldn't switch in time, I don't want that."

The reception of Holy Communion in the open hand has been permitted by the Vatican for Germany and France since 1969. In many other countries, however, Communion is still common. However, even in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Communion is usually given in the form requested by the communicator - the open hands being accepted as an expression of a desire for Communion in the hand.

Invitation not accepted

Anselm Thissen, representative of Emmaus Reisen Münster, also had the negative experience in the same service at World Youth Day. He told the priest that he wanted to receive communion in his hand. The priest then said to him: "I won't do that!"

After the service, Roos and Thissen said they contacted the clergyman. Thissen complained to the priest that he had excluded him from the community. The latter replied that Thissen himself had not accepted the invitation to join the community, but had excluded himself.

Priest insists on his position

Thissen reports that he met the priest again on Thursday. The priest apologized for the fact that Thissen left the service annoyed. "However, he remained on the same position with regard to the form of communion distribution," said Thissen.

According to research by “”, the clergyman is a religious from Austria. He belongs to the community of the "Brothers Samaritan of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary," (FLUHM) founded in 1982, and was ordained a priest by Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

The federal chairman of the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), Gregor Podschun, speaks of a scandal. He evaluates the incident as an abuse of clerical power: "It is hard for us to bear that this is happening at the very core of our faith," explained Podschun to "". The BDKJ expects a reaction from those responsible and the bishops.

"A refusal by a priest to give communion is an unjustified exclusion on the part of the priest of the young people from the table community," explained Podschun. "It is unacceptable."

Auxiliary Bishop Hegge: Christ invites

The Münster Auxiliary Bishop Christoph Hegge considers the behavior of the clergyman to be an isolated case, but the refusal of communion is nevertheless a "no-go": "We priests do not have the right to refuse communion to anyone. Christ invites all who are in the Catholic Church, have been baptized and come to the Eucharist with an open heart. Whoever receives Communion and says Amen to the word Body of Christ is worthy to receive it. With the hand and with the mouth. We can't refuse communion to anyone."


See Communion in the Hand and similar frauds by the late and very great Michael Davies, who I had the honour to count among my friends.  Pray for the repose of his soul.


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