Catholic Church caught in a synodal death spiral

Detlef Pollack, the sociologist of religion told the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" (Tuesday) that if the difference between the priesthood and the laity was to be abolished, the nature of the church as a "holy institution" would be attacked: "The Catholic Church will not survive such an operation, will it it is no longer the Catholic Church."

The Catholic Church is caught in a "deadly" self-contradiction, Pollack said. According to the Catholic understanding, the work of the church is the anticipation of divine salvation. This is supported by the priesthood, who have their own access to the sacred. It is precisely this exaltation of the clerical office that has proved to be a gateway for abuse. There is an "irresolvable tension between modernity and the Catholic Church".

Does the Church give itself up?

Many Bishops in Germany are definitely willing to reform, said Pollack. But the majority of them are mistaken about the reformability of their church. "The question is actually: why is so little happening? And I say: Because nothing can happen." The Catholic Church would be giving up on itself if it pushed reforms as far as was necessary.

With regard to the numbers of German dioceses leaving the Church published last week, Pollack speaks of a demolition as a result of disappointed expectations. In the meantime, Catholics' affiliation with the church has fallen to a "Protestant level". He spoke of a "disruptive event".


Cathcon: there were other ways to the future involving extensive public penitence by bishops and laity and a re-assertion of Catholic Faith and Morals.  They were paths which the modernist Francis chose not to follow.  The Catholic Church will have to live with the consequences of this disastrous, muddled and Jesuitical pontificate for years.  There was even cover-up in his name.  A Jesuit hidding behind the illustrious name of Francis.