Pope pays homage to Maoist who supported abortion

I regard him (Bergoglio) as an example of light thinking, a mixture of opportunism and foolish overvaluation of his own person. Nothing to be surprised about, were it not for his unhealthy and unscrupulous passion for office and power. God knows how many were his twists and turns and stoops to get to where he is today and how many were the trappings he donned to achieve his goals. However, there is one predominant feature in his career: his flirtation with leftism in all its variants (indigenism, ecologism, feminism, pobrism, Kirchnerism, etc. etc.) without leaving aside gender ideology and its aberrations.

But I think that this time he has gone too far, blinded and fattened by the impunity he enjoys-media protection through- and not content with praising agents of Marxism of Soviet obedience (for example, María Esther Ballestrino de Careaga-her daughters were ERP terrorists, the expletive deleted Bonafini) he has now disguised himself as a Maoist, writing a letter to Luciano Álvarez, Secretary of the Youth of the Revolutionary Communist Party, thanking him for sending him the weekly.

The following was originally sourced from the Communist Party website.  I won't be providing a link.
Transcript of the letter (above) from Pope Francis: 11-4-23

Mr. Luciano Alvarez,

Dear Luciano,

Thank you for your letter yesterday. It made me happy.

Clelia, for me, was a woman with an ideal, who did not "play" at commitment, but was seriously committed. At least once a month she came to see me and we talked. I learned things I didn't know about politics. And with a childlike candour (which she never lost despite the serious revolutionary struggle) she would tell me about her childhood, how they played in the Maldonado stream collecting pebbles, and so on. Sometimes she would come with Amalia Zille (Mario Cafiero's wife) and some other lady, to talk about the women's round that year and help make it constructive.

Thank you for your gesture of remembering her with me and for sending me a photocopy of the weekly of 29 March last.

I pray for you, please do it for me. At your disposal. Fraternally yours.


Letter from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Argentina

Dear Francisco.

First of all, we wish you a speedy recovery and a better health.

On behalf of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina we would like to thank you for the repeated public mentions of our dear Comrade Clelia Íscaro, as you said, a great woman, a revolutionary communist who put the interests of working women and the people first, in her desire to build a more just society.

We are sending you a copy of our weekly Hoy, which is the one that Clelia used to take to her on her visits to the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires.

We reiterate that we hope that he recovers, and that, just as in the past - as you rightly pointed out - we denounced the nefarious coup d'état that was looming, we continue to carry on with the work of obtaining land, a roof and work for all those who live on Argentine soil.

We send you our warmest greetings.

Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina

*Comment by Augusto Padilla:

I add that (this Clelia), the woman "with an ideal", "with the candour of a child", according to Francisco, was one of the great promoters of abortion in Argentina, as well as being a henchwoman of the greatest genocide in history: Mao murdered more than 150 million Chinese.

From the morally unaccountable Jorge Mario, liberate us Domine.


Interview with Pope Francis 1/4/2023.  He speaks admiringly of this Maoist. No surprise then he signed the China agreement.

Pope Francis gave an interview to the C5N Channel, to colleague Gustavo Silvestre, where, far from "hiding", he did not shy away from giving his opinion on the current state of Argentine politics.

In this sense, he appealed to a personal story where he said: "There are images that I cannot forget. My grandfather, who lived in an old house with two courtyards, had a carpenter's workshop at the back and Elpidio González (Vice-President of the Nation 1922-1928) would come to bring him the anilines and the two of them would drink tea and wine, my grandfather was deeply anti-Peronist and a radical of the 1990s, he dressed in a gaiter, galera and walking stick, he did not negotiate his radical affiliation, he was one of those Irigoyenistas, and I watched those politicians. When I was 8 years old, we went with an uncle to the Plaza Francia rally in 1945 and Rubéns Íscaro of the Communist Party didn't want to go because he didn't want to join in and merge his identity. I remember those politicians, Clelia Íscaro, who was a close friend of Mario Cafiero, and who helped mobilise women to demand their rights, she taught me so much about how real politics is done, the art of presenting a project and convincing others.

"We have had politicians of race, Irigoyen, Balbín, we have had Presidents of ace and we are losing what political race is, which is a service... it is not an electioneering faction that sometimes it is embarrassing to see the number of political divorces that many have, who have passed through this or that party and present themselves as saviours of the homeland", questioned the Supreme Pontiff.

In this sense, he added: "When they present the man to you, I say well, but show me your identity, how you grew up, there are identities that you may or may not have, religious or political affiliation is not a suit that you change every day, you carry it inside, it is a passion". "Hatred is the distillation of what some bad politicians produce, and we confuse hatred of politicians with hatred of politics, and politics is noble, political action is noble, it is a vocation to build the homeland, and if one uses it badly and corrupts it with one's conduct, it provokes a reaction," he said.

In another part of the policy, he gave a strong message: "Come together to do something for the country". On the other hand, he affirmed that Argentines "love internecine affairs and we love to create an internal conflict about anything" and added: "Our internalism is harmful and is stronger than belonging".

Finally, he spoke of the sense of "homeland" and said: "He who is not in love with his wife cannot be a model of progress and family, because sooner or later they will divorce and the question I would ask any Argentinean is: Are you in love with your homeland or are you getting used to it? Have you lost the sense of homeland, has your homeland died? There are reductions of patriotism to ideology and that is bad, patriotism is the expression of the people and on this I underline the expression of a philosopher from Jujuy, Rodolfo Kush, who put the people as the subject of development of the country, he elaborates the philosophy of the people, valid for all, but valid for the homeland".



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Where are our Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals on this, for this they have no tongue!