The partial list of the errors of Pope Francis is bad enough

 (Partial) list of Pope Francis' mistakes in these ten fatal years of his pontificate

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the election to the Supreme Pontificate of the 266th Pope of the Holy Roman Church: Francis (ironically: yesterday, March 12, we remembered the coronation of Pope Pius XII: it was 1939 but it seems like centuries ago) .

To raise the paean to the Bishop of Rome and to declaim panegyrics of the marvels (??) performed by the reigning pontiff, others have already thought about doing this, far greater than us and far more establshed newspapers than our little blog. So let's not even try to compete in the upward race.

Instead, let us try to try to remember what, in our humble opinion, are the misfortunes carried out - more or less consciously - by Francis which are objectively critical or which have had harmful results and effects. (see also the editorial by S. Fontana for today's La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana 13.3.2023).

Let's take a cue, "enriching it", from the list of this blog, which presents the "abolitions" (implicit, due to disuse, and not with a normative act) desired by Pope Francis which have taken away much of the transcendence and sense of the sacred of the Church and of his mission in the world:

- the typically Catholic greeting "Praised be Jesus Christ" has fallen into disuse (in defiance of 2000 years of practice, born to keep faith with Psalm 145 "Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever.").

– the public Mass of the Pontiff, for the Solemnity of the Assumption into Heaven on August 15, has fallen into disuse;

– the Eucharistic Adoration with the Pontiff has fallen into disuse during apostolic visits or WYDs, in meetings with young people;

– the First Vespers for Creation of September 1 was imposed on the Church, in the presence of the Supreme Pontiff and on the other hand the First Vespers of Advent had fallen into disuse – with or without the Pontiff;

– the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament by the Supreme Pontiff has fallen into disuse during visits to churches;

– Eucharistic Adoration fell into disuse during religious meetings in St. Peter's Square. During the Jubilee Year of Mercy not a single public adoration of the Blessed Sacrament took place;

– the presence of the Supreme Pontiff in the only Roman public procession of Corpus Domini has fallen into disuse, when the Popes in the past, prisoners in Vatican City, limited themselves to doing it in the Square, so as not to let the faithful miss this precious testimony: Peter humbly kneeling before the King of kings.

– abolished the use of doves for the last Sunday of January, at the Angelus, for the usual greeting to Catholic Action, replaced with the launch of… colored balloons…

– the papal blessing for New Year's Day at the Angelus has fallen into disuse, in respect of non-believers (??) read here; and here too.

– the traditional papal blessing of the lambs for the composition of the sacred pallia of the Archbishops has fallen into disuse today.

- the Pope's role as "Vicar of Christ" was downgraded to 'historic status' (despite the clear and explicit divine mandate "feed my sheep... whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven... on this stone I will found my Church") .

- reduced the Canons of the Chapter of St. Peter to little more than stewards of the basilica, having prohibited the celebrations of the office and of the Chapter Masses in Latin, assistance in the choir and having revolutionized the statute

To this are added:

- the apostolic administration of the diocese of Albenga Imperia (which had an excellent bishop - Oliveri - who was the victim of informers);

- apostolic administration of another diocese (also of traditionalists, as well as other charisms): that of Toulon (and, something never seen before, suspension of ordinations until further notice) see also here;

- the attack on many traditionalist orders, starting with the Friars of the Immaculate, as well as the rudeness to the Knights of Malta (see also here);

- dissolution of the Opera Familia Christi

In the liturgy we remember:

- the desecration of St. Peter's basilica with the idolatry of Pachamama;

- through the CEI: the unjustified modification of the translation (only in Italian, and not also in the other national languages) of the Our Father, of the Glory Be; the grammatical error introduced in the Confiteor in the Italian translation (with submission to feminist nonsense in the name of an absurd inclusiveness, moreover in fits and starts because it is not honored in other parts of the Mass);

- and obviously the Traditionis Custodes and its contradictory hyperbole: the Rescriptum to Cardinal Roche.

Bad sentences and worse silences:

- phrases said at random like "who am I to judge" that is doing so much damage to the sanctity of the Church

- on the other hand, deafening silence in the face of the heretical and schismatic tendencies of many national churches, see that of Belgium (which approves the rite for the blessing of gay couples), and lastly the majority of the bishops of Germany - appointed by Francis - who just a few days ago are leading the Catholic Church to a schism, the Pope keeping silent and want the blessing of gay couples, despite the 2021 CDF Responsum, signed by the Holy Faith;

- the even worse silence on the scandalous Rupnik case (and the suspicion that it was the Pope himself who made him remit the excommunication and covered up the trial for sexual abuse of the nuns);

In foreign policy

- the poor handling of the Chinese question (despite Cardinal Zen's warnings) and the abandonment of Chinese Catholics, persecuted by the Chinese communist regime; similar with the grave situation of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua; silence on the arrest of Bishop Álvarez;

In domestic politics:

- the creation of cardinals such as Gambetti, Roche Tobin, Cupich, McElroy, Hollerich, Czerny, Farrell, Fitzgerald, Gregory, and others, as well as the appointment of bad bishops who are too progressive (and without titles or merits) especially in Italy and in the USA;

- the dictatorial management of the Vatican City and the Vicariate of Rome, and the fatal reform of the Roman Curia which is now much more bureaucratic (despite the intentions);

In doctrine:

- Amoris Laetitia;

- Communion to abortionists because, according to the Pope, Holy Communion should not be denied to anyone. Not even the excommunicated (because, let's remember, whoever has an abortion - and actively collaborates to procure an abortion) is excommunicated.

- the appointment of Mazzuccato: atheist and well-known abortionist at the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life;

- the advice to priests to always and in any case give absolution (forgetting that there are cases in which it is not possible to absolve, or that it is reserved to the Ordinary or to the Holy See).

- the rehabilitation (complete with ceremonies with a lesbian Lutheran "bishop" and "married" to a woman, statues and stamps) of the heresiarch Martin Luther on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the unfortunate Protestant reform;

- Francis' errors (here a summa) on the subject of Lutheran heresies and the "straight-talking" on intercommunion with Protestants;

- the declaration of Abu Dhabi and the pertinacity in promoting the brotherhood of all so as to consider all religions equal (betraying the evangelical mandate to convert and baptize all nations to the ends of the Earth)

- the new drafting of n. 2267 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the elimination of the death penalty