The pack of lies told by the Synodal elite to push their heretical agendas

At the last Synodal Assembly it was suggested that in Australia and Flanders same-sex couples and divorced remarried couples were already being blessed - with the Pope's blessing, so to speak, at least, according to Flemish Bishop Johan Bonny, the Pope had not opposed anything. An analysis of the "New Beginning" shows that this is not the case. Helmut Müller, Academic Director at the Institute for Catholic Theology at the University of Koblenz, states: “The Australians simply do not correct church teaching with human-scientific arguments that are also hermeneutically misunderstood. And the Flemish bishops are defending themselves against false interpretations just one day after publication.” The way in which the Synodal Path deals with the text of the Australian bishops arouses the suspicion “that elements of human scientific knowledge are being played off against church teaching”. . But that is not the case.

“No gender diversity is spoken for”

Two statements from the Fifth Synodal Assembly aimed to present Australia and Flanders as pioneers and role models in dealing with gender diversity and blessing same-sex partnerships. The synodal path's plot text “Dealing with Gender Diversity” claims that the recently published guidelines of the Australian Bishops' Conference “Created and Loved. A guide for Catholic school and identity and gender” would contradict the Educational Congrentation document “Male and female he created them”.

The opposite is the case. The theologian and philosopher Müller has scrutinized all the texts and states: “No gender diversity is spoken for”. While the corresponding passage in the paper of the synodal path is read "that church pronouncements ... have to be rewritten or corrected", the Australian Bishops' Conference emphasizes "the dual gender and the ability to relate to one another and to God" and points out "the complementarity of women and Man as a good part of creation”.

Not a word on the blessing of same-sex partnerships

"Created and loved" is a handout for Catholic school principals, says Müller, "and wants to orientate between the teaching of the church, human scientific knowledge and political, cultural and social reception". A distinction is made between teaching, pastoral work, practice and church terminology in comparison to secular terminology. Contrary to the assertions of the Synodal Path, the original shows that the Australian bishops, in “theological reflection, then classify human-scientific findings in their model and not vice versa” in Christian anthropology.

Müller quotes from the text, which speaks, among other things, of the efforts made by Catholic schools to be "strong faith communities [...] that promote the whole person", school principals should "continuously train all staff in Christian anthropology and human sexuality". and "to provide the student with a supportive environment" in which to learn and mature on his journey toward wholeness. A “missionary claim” is also raised, says Müller, who concludes as follows: “The paper makes a difference between the reality of life and the (creative) order of life.” It is the responsibility of Catholic school principals “to critically deal with other anthropological concepts circulating in contemporary society.". And: "There is no mention of the blessing of same-sex partnerships in the entire text!"

What the Flemish bishops really mean

According to Müller, there are no indications of a blessing of such partnerships in the text of the Flemish bishops either. Blessing is only mentioned in connection with prayer. The difference to sacramental marriage should remain clear. However, the Flanders' statements are in a gray area and less clear than those of the Australians, Müller told the newspaper.

This is already shown by the fact that the Belgian bishops said on the day the pastoral was published that the initiative corresponded to the will of Pope Francis, but revised this the next day and emphasized that they did not want to introduce a liturgy to bless homosexual couples.



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