Jesuits in London and Austria preached climate change instead of Gospel

Previous achievements for climate protection

Commitment to creation as a central task of the Jesuits Linz

Use of public transport out of conviction, very little use of cars

We live and work in the same house, therefore no commuting to work

We heat our house as economically as possible

Future measures for climate protection

Improving the insulation in the roof area

Purchase of certified green electricity

Separating the corridors of the floors from the unheated stairwells

Improve the controllability of the room heating

If possible, install a regulator for the pew heating or change to an efficient seat cushion heating system.

Our climate protection philosophy:

At its last General Assembly, the Jesuit Order made ecology one of the main themes that the Order wants to put at the centre of its work.

We Jesuits at the Old Cathedral in Linz strive to use the resources of our earth responsibly in the future in the spirit of responsibility for creation and global solidarity.

Your team of Jesuits and staff in Linz

Source The Austrian Climate Covenant

Just to prove how mad the Jesuits have become, the photograph below shows Jesuit Mission representatives dressing as Wombles to protest climate change.  Like the Jesuit Pope who takes the name of St Francis, they lack an identity of their own, which would be centred on the Cross.

Meet the EcoJesuits

If you put Jesus Christ into their search engine 2 pages of results.  
Put Climate in and 48 pages come back.

A Laudatio Si Mass

Body language reflecting Eucharistic belief - or lack of it.


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