Feast of Saint Blaise


St. Blaise Is Executed 

After this the prince made S. Blase to be brought before him, and said to him: "Hast thou now worshipped our gods or not?" 

S. Blase answered: Right cruel man I have no dread of thy menaces, do what thou wilt, I deliver to thee my body whole." Then he took him and did him to be cast in to a pond, and anon he blessed the water and the water dried all away, and so he abode there safe. And then S. Blase said to him, "If your gods be very and true gods, let them now show their virtue and might and enter ye hither." Then there entered into it sixty-five persons, and anon they were drowned. And an angel descended from heaven, and said to S. Blase: "Blase go out of this water and receive the crown that is made ready of God for thee." And when he was issued out of the pond the tyrant said to him: "Thou hast determined in all manners not for to adore our gods." 

To whom S. Blase said: "Poor caitiff, know thou that I am servant of God, and I adore not the fiends as ye do." And anon then the tyrant did do smite off his head, and S. Blase prayed to our Lord tofore his death that whosoever desired his help from the infirmity of the throat, or required aid for any other sickness or infirmity, that he would hear him, and might deserve to be guerished and healed. And there came a voice from heaven to him saying that his petition was granted and should be done as he had prayed. And so then with the two little children he was beheaded about the year of our Lord three hundred and eighty seven.

From the Golden Legend

The Blessing of Throats for Saint Blaise



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