Cardinal "Synod" Hollerich thinks conservatives lack intelligence

“Certainly, You would like to see in Benedict as a deacon of conservatism.  You, who have known him, you said, in effect, he had a free spirit.”

"He was an intelligent man.  And the hard-line conservatives, in general, lack intelligence.  So, he was more conservative but he was open. He was a man of very profound reflection who had an intellectual curiosity, and who was open to discourse which he did not know previously. And I think, very importantly for the church was all his teaching on faith and reason.  We know that the church in Europe is becoming smaller so it is very important not to fall into the trap of living like a sect which does not reflect; there is no more reflection on the faith or reason is excluded.  And I think there we have a wonderful inheritance from Benedict XVI who permits the church to advance without fear into the future which he prepares for us.”

Incredible or perhaps not so incredible that Pope Francis has appointed this fellow Jesuit Relator for the Synod.  He is also President of the European Conference of Catholic Bishops.