Cardinal warns against watering down of Catholic teaching after "Amoris laetitia"

Even in individual cases, no change of the teachings.
Berlin ( KNA)

After the publication of the letter of Pope Francis on marriage and the family, German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller is warning against dilution of the Church's teaching. Misinterpretation of the letter could undermine the credibility of the Church's proclamation, the 87-year-old told the "Bild" newspaper on Saturday.

Those live in an "invalid second marriage" could not attain by means of a "salami tactics" in the end the admission to the sacraments, according to Brandmüller.

The Cardinal described derogations in individual cases as a dead end.

"What is fundamentally impossible for reasons of faith, is also in the individual case”. Brandmüller reaffirmed the Church's teaching on the indissolubility of marriage: "It is Catholic doctrine (dogma) that a validly concluded and consummated marriage cannot be dissolved by any power on earth including the Church. Jesus says: 'What God has joined together, man must not separate.' "

Who sets about other paths is leaving the path of Catholic doctrine, stated the former chief historian of Vatican. One could say that the adherence to the indissolubility of marriage "has become a unique feature of the Catholic Church". "So whoever denies the belief (dogma) in the indissolubility of marriage, has left the ground of Catholic doctrine."

Pope Francis summarizes in his letter "Amoris laetitia" the results of the consultations convened by him Synods of Bishops on Marriage and Family 2014 and 2015 together. He does not express himself directly on the controversial issue of admission of remarried divorcees to communion but calls for more respect for the conscience of the individual in moral issues. In addition, a careful examination of the case and a balancing of goods is required.

The Cardinal in St Peter's Basilica.