Monday, June 03, 2013

French church in grave danger of becoming Masonic temple

The Freemasons of Vierzon would be interested in acquiring the church of St. Eloi. For the diocese, who is the vendor, one buyer is now official: the town authorities.

A communist mayor who is buying the church is to consider selling to a local Masonic lodge, which is a rather unusual scenario.

In their latest bulletin, the Diocese of Bourges in which Vierzon lies, claims to have sold the church of Saint-Eloi, without specifying the name of the purchaser. "The time has come to part," it simply states before inviting parishioners to the las Mass on June 22 to be celebrated by the Vicar General, Father Stéphane Maritaud followed by a communal meal. The Diocesan Treasurer, Patrick Lemaréchal, when contacted, confirms that the town of Vierzon is buyer. "She has the right of first refusal with the aim of creating a community centre."

The decision of the Freemasons is expected
The selling date was set for June 17. Last fall, the idea of ​​a mosque had created controversy, but this was rejected by the Muslim community. Then an obscure Confraternity of St. Eloi, who claimed towant to keep the place in Christian use, was put on the ranks in December. It has launched several campaigns to raise donations for the sum of 170,000 euros (estimate Areas) requested by the seller. Contacted yesterday, the head of the Brotherhood, Olivier Bidou, did not respond to the call.

On behalf of "the common good," and in order not to let the church fall into evil hands, the city decided to preempt in April (in the Le Berry républicain (this newspaper) of April 4). Contacted yesterday, the deputy mayor and Nicolas Sansu said that "no bill of sale is signed yet."

"In addition, we have a potential buyer. I expect, moreover, an appointment with the Archbishop to discuss. "

Such purchaser may be the Masonic Lodge Friends of Liberty, the Grand Orient of France, in the Rue Etienne-Marcel. Elected municipal Freemasons are not strangers to this proposal. "The mayor has contacts in recent months, with the local Freemasonry," says an elected municipal opposition, which considers the use of pre-emption "questionable."

The brothers have been looking for some time for another place to establish their temple. The Place des Joncs, which was considered at one time, was rejected. Today, there are three options for the lodge, two in Vierzon - why not St. Eloi church?- And one in Méreau.

"Talk about the Freemasons if you want but for now nothing is certain, nothing is done," says the mayor. The Grand Orient of France, in Paris, says that it is no aware of the approach in Vierzon - "remember at the end of this week, we'll see" - and confirms, if confirmation were needed, that "there is nothing illegal in the possibility of Freemasons purchasing a public building . "

The ways of the Lord are called impenetrable, like those of Freemasonry. The Vierzon lodge swill advise the mayor in the coming days if it wishes to buy or not. In the case of a negative response, the municipality, whose "purpose is not to buy at any cost," says Nicolas Sansu, will quickly tell the citizens of Vierzon the end use of this new acquisition for 170,000 euros.


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