Monday, June 03, 2013

Bishop demands apology for insulting attack on one of the soundest Dioceses in Europe

A speech by the Zurich Cantonal Government member,Martin Graf, who represents the Greens (Cathcon note- the most virulent anti-clericals in European politics) goes down very badly in the Diocese of Chur. Graf described the diocese as "backward" and as "sheltered workshops" (Cathcon- also insulting to the disabled). Bishop Vitus Huonder now demands an apology.

With sharp words, the Diocese of Chur criticized a speech by Martin Graf, Zurich Justice Minister on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of state recognition of Catholics in Zurich. Graf praised the Church in his speech, which he delivered on Friday, but also did not spare me criticism.

The Director of Justice also criticized the "backwardness of those who survived in the sheltered workshops of Chur or Rome" . It is incomprehensible why the leaders in those places preach about constitutional principles and but do not wish to blessing state institutions.

In Chur, these words turned people red with fury . Bishop Vitus Huonder demanded from the Zurich cantonal government a total "rejection" of Graf's statements, he announced on Monday by Communique. They gave the cantonal government a specific response. There is an urgent need to identify "new ways of meeting and of respect," the Ordinariate of Chur informed the Zurich cantonal government.

The Zurich government notes the response from Chur and it will discussed by the whole cantonal government counci;n. A possible answer would be first given to the diocese and then only later would the public be informed said a spokesperson for Graf .


The Bishop celebrates Mass
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