Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reports that Pope compared traditional liturgy to a carnival and the Master of Ceremonies to be sacked very soon

Monsignor Guido Marini, the Master of Ceremonies of Pope Benedict XVI. and all previous Masters of Ceremony face redundancy. This is reported by the tradition-orientated Messa in Latino . Pope Francis will get for his inauguration ceremony and the associated Pontifical Mass, the Franciscans of La Verna. "A further signal of the Jesuit Bergoglio to present himself as Franciscan on which the media places great value " said Messa in Latino .

Can only panic ensue because of the nature of the statement for which no exact source can be specified? Only a form of incitement associated with traditionalists against the new Pope, as the Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi recently lamented? Traditionalist Catholics are confused by some gestures of the Pope. The return of the "plywood altar" (Paul Badde) as people's altar in the Sistine Chapel was perceived partly with horror.

The Master of Ceremonies of the Pope is associated with the Roman Curia and the leadership of the church as much as a hermit on a high mountain. He is responsible for the central part of the liturgy, from which alone can come the renewal of the Church. If Monsignor Marini should actually be dismissed and it looks like even the first to be dismissed, then the recently so vehemently demanded conversion of the Roman Curia would start with a completely wrong step.

Gestures of the new Pope- humility or pauperism?
To the occasion which until recently was referred to as Accession and Coronation, the new Pope, in the name of his ostentatiously proclaimed pauperism, will not bear the golden pectoral cross of the Pope. "A cross that already exists and that is already paid for," said Messa in Latino .

Although the sacristy of St. Peter's is full of worthy and appropriate vestments, new ones were purchased by the new Pope with a lot of money on behalf of simplicity. How is that supposed to help the poor? But let us remember this. Pauperism is to poverty what snobbery is to the aristocracy. "The criticism of a" rich "church when it comes to the features of  worship and liturgical equipment is hypocritical and has always been hypocritical. It is the cheap excuse of those who do not want to really hear what Christ has to announce to them via the Church.

"The time for carnival items is over" - An authentic statement of Pope Francis ?
Messa in Latino reported that Monsignor Marini had with the Masters of Ceremony prepared the vestments, which are traditionally worn on this particular occasion on Thursday for the Holy Mass at the conclusion of the Conclave in the Sacristy of the Sistine Chapel. Pope Francis replied dismissively: "These things can attract, Monsignor. The time for carnival items is over. "

The words seems authentic because they are cited by several sources, including the Sacristy of the Sistine Chapel as a place of action. Some sources mention though the time as Wednesday evening immediately after the election. If the statement should indeed be true, it would indeed be very serious.

The reaction of the Pope, as is thought to have been produced on Thursday, was in any case the continuation of what happened on the loggia of St. Peter's on Wednesday evening after the Habemus Papam which was visible to all. Before the new Pope appeared on the balcony, there was a harsh exchange of words with the Papal Master of Ceremonies, as he was about to place the mozzetta on him, as had been the case with all of his predecessors. Francis rejected this categorically, as he already had at that time the Papal pectoral cross. He kept to his bishop's cross. The stole, he put on only for the blessing.

Pope Francis insulted Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors in the office of Peter?
"A superior, who with a subordinate who only has fulfilled his duty, who speaks in a derogatory and offensive manner, and ultimately means Benedict XVI. and the Popes of many centuries who always wore these "carnival items" and were far more aware of their duties than their current successor criticizes themself, "said Messa in Latino .

If we read in the media about the humble manners of the new Pope, the "good evening," and asks for permission, "then we know now that this is just one side, his which faces the media," said Messa in Latino.

Pope Francis has little of the dignified figure of Benedict XVI which was suited in a special way to the sacred character of the Petrine ministry. Everyone who came near him, could not avoid an impression of meeting a truly humble human being. The humility which would not show through specific gestures, but was expressed by the whole being . Benedict XVI got completely behind the office, rejecting every applause and encouragement which could pertain to his person. He did not want to be cheered, he wanted to be heard.

Pope Benedict XVI. 2005 took over a Master of Ceremonies (Piero Marini), with an almost opposite liturgical sensibility. Still, he waited until the regular end of his term, in order to then confirm him no more and to replace him. He waited two years, not just two days and refused until then to dispense with the curious chromatic fantasy in the thought of Piero Marini- vestments in canary yellow, pea green or bright blue, even though they were in obvious contrast to all his own liturgical ideas. He even waited until Piero Marini had found a new role, with which he was comfortable. He rejected the appointment as diocesan bishop. He accepted only the appointment as President of the Commission for International Eucharistic Congresses. Towards Monsignor Guido Marini, his new boss will probably not be so considerate. Well, times have changed ... "said Messa in Latino.


Cathcon- these are only reports as yet- all will be revealed on 19 March when the Pope is "inaugerated".    However, they fit well with his approach to the traditional Mass in his own Diocese.


Matthew said...

Any Pope who will not be crowned is problematic

Edward Elkins jr. said...

Christ had to wear a crown of thorns so that we could even have life, He who through all things were created , wore sack cloth , a cross, and a crown of thorns, Ask God his opinion I am sure he would not agree that parading in luxury is an example since none of the apostles wore a crown nor did they bear great wealth in their treasury, they all worked for a living and built the church while working with their hands for their own needs, having warned those who live off tithing, Paul said to work with your hands in his instructions. Paul rebuked Peter to his face regarding living like the jews , not eating with gentiles, and having no associations with gentile converts, ect. The Glory of the church was not its treasures in the apostles time, It was their great miracles and works for the Lord, It was not the church's wealth that brought the church honor but its virtue and the work of the saints.

Aged parent said...

"ostentatiously proclaimed pauperism"

A very apt remark.

Alan Phipps said...

You sure are hanging a lot on this rumor, and I'm not sure that's prudent. Just saw this according to Robert Moynihan:

"Pope Francis has called on the Franciscan friars of Mt. Alverna in central Italy... to be present as assistants and servers at the Mass... These Franciscan servers will remain under the direction of Monsignor Guido Marini, the Master of Papal Ceremonies who was so much respected and appreciated by Emeritus Pope Benedict... There have been many false rumors in the Italian press, and elsewhere, regarding the new Pope's views, and plans, including reports that Pope Francis had decided to set Marini aside and entrust the Tuesday Mass of Installation only to the Franciscans. This is not true."

"Not true", he says.