Saturday, March 16, 2013

Did Pope Francis deliberately try to sabotage the Latin Mass in his own Diocese?

Comment on my earlier post. Thank you to the kind reader for this information.

Fr. Dotro was a well-trained liturgist? The second article linked below says that he botched the Mass, used the Novus (dis)Ordo calendar, had laymen and women reading the readings in the vernacular, and saw attendance drop from ~100 to 3. No mention of Bergoglio on the Argentinian Una Voce site. This Argentinian Juventutem webpage says: "I agree with Wanderer that Cardinal Bergoglio—and with him, all those follower him—has resisted the Pope, astutely and firmly opposing the difusion of the Traditional Mass in his Archdiocese, as we have already said in a previous post." [linked below] It refers to this article,which says (italics in original): "We are told that an Episcopal Vicar who later became Bishop of a provincial capital south of Buenos Aires spoke smilingly: "Bergoglio has a plan to boycott the Motu Proprio without Rome realizing.


To which I add my own translation of the key last part of the final article- which starts with the botched Modus Celebrandi of Father Dotro.   They call him Sacha Dotro (as a play on sacerdotus)  Sacha means in the Incan language "Incomplete, Pseudo, False, Partial"-  he has clearly generated much  unhappiness. No wonder, he said the Latin Mass was "a Streetcar against modern means of transportation."

"In October 2007, the Cardinal forbade the continuation of the Extraordinary Form in the Sacred Heart Chapel despite the then priest Carlos White establishing at the request of the parishioners (Incidentally, Father Carlos has left the Archdiocese and is now ministering 2000 Km of Buenos Aires). When we know positively that there are priests who have been reprimanded and punished for Masses only held privately with the assistance of a few friends, then it was difficult not to come to a more reasonable conclusion: there is a plan, and it is fulfilled in such a way that the Gregorian Mass remains proscribed just as much or more than before July 7 2007. Pray that the authority of the Pope comes to the aid of the faithful of this Archdiocese, to restore justice!"

 Their Archbishop and Diocesan ordinary is now Pope!
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