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Who will Williamson consecrate as bishops?

"Resistance group" against Rome and SSPX

(London / New York) The evidence is mounting that Bishop Richard Williamson will soon undertake illegitimate episcopal ordinations. In October 2012, the England-based Briton Williamson was expelled from the SSPX because of "repeated disobedience". Williamson was one of four priests who were consecrated auxiliary bishops in 1988 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the traditionalist Society of Saint Pius The ordinations are valid but took place against the wishes of Pope John Paul II. They led to the break with Rome, while Archbishop Lefebvre and the four bishops consecrated were excommunicated. That the excommunication no longer applies, was decided early in 2010 by the Holy See. They paved the way for settlement discussions and a canonical recognition of the SSPX within the Catholic Church. Such a recognition had already been withdrawn from the SSPX from the mid-70s.

Shortly after expulsion by the SSPX, Williamson made known his intention to consecrate bishops

After his expulsion from the SSPX, Williamson was preparing himself to conduct illicit ordinations. There was speculation it immediately after being dismissed in the Lefebvrists.  In his weekly newsletter Eleison Comments Williamson announced at an episcopal ordinations.  On the 10th November 2012 , he wrote that as far as he was concerned it's a matter of following His providence through the ordination of priests or the consecration of bishops. God's will "be done, according to Williamson.

As a likely candidate for consecration by Williamson is the former priest of the SSPX Joseph Pfeiffer. Another candidate could be the "independent" priest Ronald Ringrose. Both are Americans.

Joseph Pfeiffer expelled from the SSPX

Joseph Pfeiffer was a priest of the SSPX, but was expelled in September 2012 because of "disobedience." Pfeiffer had accused the Superior General and the General House of the SSPX, of "submitting to Rome", and announced, however, along with another priest of the SSPX, Father François Chazal the establishment of a "resistance group". After both priests had refused to return to their pastoral charges, Father Pfeiffer worked in the Philippines, breaking of all contact with their superiors and “going underground” in the U.S. "submerged", they were expelled from the SSPX.

Ronald Ringrose: "independent" priest and meeting place for the "resistance group" against union with Rome

Ronald Ringrose never belonged to the SSPX but was close to the Society. Ringrose is an "independent" priest, who for 30 years has been leading the traditionalist community of St. Athanasius in Washington DC.

Williamson published in his latest Eleison Comments on 5 January a letter from Ringrose to the American District Superior of the SSPX.

In June last year, Father Ringrose hosted in his church the first meeting of the core team of the SSPX priests who in America want to "resist the change of course of the SSPX Williamson said in his circular letter.

The expelled bishop maintains his thesis that in the SSPX "in secret" a "change of course" took place for which the Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, is blamed. The "change of course" means the "subjugation" of the SSPX to the "Super-heresy", as Williamson calls the entire Second Vatican Council. By contrast, the "true SSPX" should be rebuilt.

In the Eleison comments, Ringrose and Williamson assure each other with mutual sympathy and praise.

Ringrose, who himself had never belonged to the Society, wrote in the letter printed by Williamson to the SSPX, that Williamson actually was the one who "modeled himself after Archbishop Lefebvre."

"And finally, I am appalled by the treatment of Bishop Williamson by the SSPX - outraged not only by his recent expulsion from the Society, but also about his shabby treatment in recent years," said Ringrose. Williamson praises for his part Ringrose, whose letter he describes as "admirable" and "truly a model for astute thinking." Ringrose was a "true friend" and a "unique bastion of Catholicism."

"Long live Father Ringrose, "said Williamson, then in his Eleison comments. Ringrose's St. Athanasius community could also be the place where the consecrations take place.

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Dolorosa said...

I would like to see Fr. Hewko become a Bishop. His youtubes on the continuing crisis in the RCC and within the SSPX are outstanding and should be watched by all catholics. I personally know him and attended Mass with him last Friday and he is a very holy priest. He also supports Bishop Williamson.