Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bishop Williamson refuses to accept new court judgement

The Regensburg court has sentenced the bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson for a second time to a fine. The court imposed on Wednesday on charges of inciting racial hatred a fine of 1800 euros, a court spokesman said. The Briton, who was not present in person wants appeal again against the decision.

Williamson denied the Holocaust

Williamson had denied the Holocaust in an interview with Swedish television . The controversial remarks of the 72-year-olds had brought Pope Benedict XVI worldwide criticism because he had virtually at the same time as the holocaust denial became known lifted the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops of the traditionalist SSPX. Williamson has now left the SSPX.

Currently, no income

The court maintained the judgment at the request of the prosecution, which had requested a fine of 6500 euros. It justified the relatively small fine with the fact that Williamson according to the Court currently has no verifiable income.

The defense had argued for an acquittal. Williamson's Holocaust denial was going unchallenged - within the proceedings the question was raised of whether the bishop could assume that the interview would be circulated only in Sweden. If so the holocaust denial would be unpunished. Via satellite and the Internet, the interview could also be seen in Germany.

A new court hearing took place because Williamson did not want to accept a fine of 6500 euros. In a first trial, he was convicted in absentia in 2010 to a € 10,000 fine in 2011, the penalty reduced on appeal to 6500 euros. Both judgments, the Upper Regional Court in Nürnberg had overturned because of procedural errors.

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