Monday, July 09, 2012

SSPX's General Chapter: what is it and how it works!

Full description-  SSPX's General Chapter: what is it and how it works!

The General Chapter is the supreme and extraordinary authority of the Society of St. Pius X. The ordinary authority is the Superior General assisted by his council. The General Chapter is the only entity able to amend the Statutes. The “ordinary” General Chapter meets every 12 years. Additionally, the Superior General is allowed to convene an “extraordinary” Chapter for exceptional reasons. After his re-election at the head of the Society in 2006, the Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay announced that he will convene an “half-mandate” Chapter to review the current affairs in 2012.

The General Chapter is composed of 40 people designated by their “office,” that is to say, their function in the Society’s work. By office they are the standing Superior General and his two assistants, the bishops, the former superior generals, the Secretary General and the Bursar General, the district superiors, the rectors of the major seminaries, and the superiors of the autonomous houses. It also includes in its number the most senior priests who do not hold the above mentioned charges or offices in number equal to one-third of the number of members by office. These Chapter attendees are called “capitularies”.

Cathcon- one can only wait to see what they make of the negotiations with Rome.
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