Monday, July 09, 2012

The Pope has fond memories of Vatican II

Nemi: A Pope's fond memories of Vatican II

Pope Benedict XVI took a private and very personal trip down memory lane Monday as he returned to the house overlooking Lake Nemi, the setting of his fondest and “most memorable” recollections of the Second Vatican Council.

In a short unscripted speech to the 140 capitulars gathered at the Divine Word Missionaries Ad gentes centre, he revealed how in 1965 as a “a very young theologian of no great importance”, to his eternal wonder he was invited by the then Superior General of the world-wide order and Council Father, Johannes Schütte, to take part in an “important and beautiful task, to prepare a decree on mission.

Cathcon- in Europe at least the church  completely failed in its missionary and catechetical obligations since the Second Vatican Council.
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