Saturday, July 21, 2012

Archbishop Müller of the CDF responds to SSPX

Archbishop Müller tells SSPX that the Second Vatican Council is binding

 Statements of the Council on freedom of religion, Judaism and human rights were "dogmatic implications". Theologians often deal with secondary issues. For Küng: "As Hans Küng is infallible, must agree well"

The head of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has said that the Second Vatican Council is mandatory for a possible agreement with the ultra-conservative SSPX. The statements of the Council on freedom of religion, Judaism and human rights had "dogmatic implications," he said to the"Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (Saturday). "They cannot be rejected, without compromising the Catholic faith."

The attitude of Rome towards the traditionalists is obvious. "We have to wait and see what comes from the official declaration of the SSPX" said the archbishop. He rejected representations of the SSPX, according io which Pope Benedict XVI would very much like unity with them but the CDF was against it. It had "nothing to do with reality."

The faculties of theology and theologians are engaged in the opinion of Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, often with secondary issues. Their main task is, however, the great debate with atheist and with secular values, said the new Archbishop.

As an example, Mueller cited Medical Ethics. "In Germany there are professors who can say significant things and make a contribution to ethics committees." Such theologians Müller in his own words would like to support. The archbishop called on faculties in dialogue with other sciences to go more on the offensive. "Many university presidents are happy that they have theological faculties." Issues such as the diaconate of women on the other hand would not be resolved by the faculties, said the former Munich dogmatist. "These are doctrinal questions . "On the criticism of the Tübingen theologian Hans Kung about his appointment Müller said this:"Since Hans Küng is infallible, this would have to be true". "Kung had spoken of a" disastrous misappointment. "

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