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After Vatileaks, Tradileaks- the state of play of SSPX-Rome negotiations


Internal Letter from the Secretary-General of the SSPX, Father Christian Thouvenot to the superiors of the SSPX dated 17 July. The text.

During the month of May, Mons.Fellay went to Corsica, to confirm some believers in an at most unexpected atmosphere after the local bishop had thought it well to take the task to himself.

He then visited the Superior General of the Priory of Marseille and the School of Brignoles, where he once again dispensed the Sacrament of Confirmation and gave two lectures by our current relations with Rome.
On 9 May, he was with the First Assistant in Rome, earnestly ask from Monsignor Pozzo for the guarantee in the event that the SSPX was canonically erected as a prelature by the Holy See, to be allowed to continue to highlight mistakes and scandals. The discussion stumbled particular on the recognition of the legitimacy of the new rite, that is, about the validity of this liturgical law and thus the legitimacy of celebrating according to the rite of Paul VI.

Finally, the examination of the text presented by Mons. Fellay by an assembly of cardinals had led to substantial demands for modifications (apart from the liturgical question, the recognition "of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent Magisterium, to be understand in continuity with the previous teaching office," the opposition to our reference to the anti-modernist oath, and the introduction of evidence from the new catechism, etc.). 

These demands were submitted to our Superior General on Wedneday 13 June.

Msgr. Fellay has immediately responded that he could not sign such a declaration. We have thus arrived at the starting point, that is, at the dead end, which is how Msgr. Fellay expressed the matter on 29 June in Ecône. 

In the meantime, the Superior General went to Theresa High School in Schoenberg for confirmations (May 13) to Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) and to the Czech Republic (journey from 16 to 21 May) and at Pentecost on the pilgrimage of Chartres, then at the end of May, to Stuttgart. 

The activities of the First Assistant, Father Niklaus Pfluger The first assistant was at the beginning of the month in the Romagna region of Italy to preach to a youth retreat. After a trip to Rome on 9 May he was in Wang's (Switzerland) for the school party of 13 May.

On 20 May, he celebrated in the presence of the Swiss District Superior a Mass of thanksgiving for the 25 years of our chapel in Goldau in the canton of Schwyz. In late May, he went to Germany, first to Berlin and then to Stuttgart, to travel to southern France - the school of Saint-Joseph Carmes of Montreal de l'Aude, the Priory in Montpellier and Toulouse. He visited the house of Notre-Dame, which is being set up to create within the SSPX a real contemplative life. 

The activities of the Second Assistant, Father Alain-Marc Nely The second assistant was on 6 May in Marseilles and then flew to Kenya, where he inaugurated the new building, especially the Novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary. He also preached a retreat to a good group of believers in Kampala, Uganda. After his return on 13th, Father Nely on 17 June visited the new priory in Nancy. He then went to Suresnes to the district headquarters, where he informed the friends and benefactors of the SSPX of the latest developments of our contacts with Rome. 

The activities of the General Economist, Father Emeric Baudot , the General Treasurer, for his part traveled to Canada in May. He made ​​a trip to Winona and then went to Dillwyn, Virginia, the construction site of the future seminary in the United States where the foundations are begun after site work. 

The General Chapter , the General Chapter was held from 9-14 July in Ecône. He was preceded retreat for priests, which were preached by Father Alain Lorans, the former director of the seminary.  This chapter began with an reference to the reading of the rules of this chapter, the review of the drafts and the case of Mons. Williamson, who was due to canon 2331 § § 1 and 2 (nc. 1373) suspended from his duties as a chapter member. 

Here are the final declarations , which the chapter has adopted before its ending and the visit to the grave of our beloved founder. This declaration will also be published on 'DICI', the official communication organ of the General House . Also, the initial conditions were defined better for a possible normalization of our relations with the official church

Conditions sine qua non- those which the SSPX enjoins and those which are sought from the Roman authorities, before seeking for a canonical recognition: 

1. The freedom, the sound doctrine of the constant Magisterium of the Church and the unchanging truth of the divine tradition to preserve, share and teach and the freedom to accuse and even to correct the promoters of the errors or the innovations of modernism, liberalism, and Vatican II and its aftermath. 

2.The exclusive use of the Liturgy of 1962. The retention of the sacramental practice that we currently maintain (including: orders, confirmation, marriage).

3. The commitment of at least one bishop. 

Desirable conditions 

1. A separate ecclesiastical court of the first instance; 

2. Exemption of the houses of the SSPX from  the diocesan bishops

3.The Pontifical Commission for the tradition of Rome, which depends directly from the Pope, with the majority of the members and the president in favour of tradition. 

The proceedings of the Chapter will be published in 'Cor Unum' which comes out at the end of this month of July. They say serious a duty is the preservation of natural, professional, and entrusted secrecy which is to be observed in righteousness. May this Circular, which is reserved for the superiors and to inform the members of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, be preserved in our society internally and not to be disseminated on the Internet in particular, in forums and other blogs. 


Msgr. Fellay asked me to add the following considerations: The General House is aware of the difficulties and aware of the- often exaggerated unhappiness- that may have been caused by some ambiguities that Rome has been clarified only recently, especially by the response of the CDF of 13 June. Msgr. Fellay Rome is however obliged to thank Rome that it has finally explained their position clearly. This allows henceforth the problems to be addressed more easily. Desiring to unite our forces from now on, one wishes to stop the rash judging of others, as if one can mock each other with impunity.


Jimmy Mac said...

But of course! And I suppose they want Rome to pay for everything they want for the next 3,284 years as well?

t said...

Well, aren't we sarcastic.

Dan Hunter said...

What Bishop Fellay is asking for is not unreasonable.

These conditions are what every good Catholic should stand up for.