Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hackers want to make sure Belgian church is silenced

Des hackers veulent « contraindre l’Église belge au silence » |

The Dutch-Belgian Catholic site was still inaccessible on Tuesday morning May 29, due to hacker attacks which it has suffered for over a month.

According to Toon Osaer, director of the company, Halewijn that publishes Kerk & Leven , the site has suffered cyber attacks since April 27 which make access impossible.

"The attacks were carried out simultaneously from multiple computers, so that the full width of the bandwidth (the ability to connect to the server, Ed) is used and the website is no longer accessible, Toon Osaer stated. One of the first steps was to change our DNS settings, but the pirates knew we could not be illusory and they would find us anyway. "

Toon Osaer then claims to have tried to contact the hackers. "I was advised that they want to force the Church into silence. There are therefore a clear ideological connotations for this action, "he says.

Hackers have signed their letter, written in English, "on behalf of TS." However, the use of language reveals that they are not native English speakers.

A complaint has meanwhile been filed with the Federal Belgian Computer Crime Unit.
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