Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cardinal- The Pope will not resign


Resignation of the Pope because of the betrayal of state secrets from his immediate circle is not on the cards in the opinion of Roman Cardinal Angelo Comastro. Benedict XVI suffered from the betrayal, but he will not avoid difficulties and would "never give up his office," the Cardinal said in an interview with the daily newspaper "Il Messaggero" on Wednesday.

Comastro, Archpriest of St. Peter and Vicar General of Vatican City, also denied at the same time that a Cardinal could be involved in the publication of the secret Papal documents.

Betrayal of secrets and the disclosure of confidential documents has happened again and again in church history, the German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller said in an interview with "La Stampa" (Wednesday). During the First Vatican Council's 1870/71 secret papers were leaked to German publications. The longtime head of the Vatican Historical Commission then referred to the French King Philip the Fair, who had forged a papal bull, in order to discredit Boniface VIII (1294-1303).

He argued decisively against the Brandmüller argument that the leakers of the documents wanted only to help the Pope. "You can not claim to help the pope by committing crimes. Such an approach helps nothing, but only does harm," said the German cardinal.

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