Wednesday, May 30, 2012

After castration case in Netherlands, new study on links between Church and psychiatry

Minister: Onderzoek naar invloed kerk op psychiatrie - Kerknieuws - Kerk & Religi

Study of church influence on psychiatry

There is to be an independent scientific research into the history of psychiatry and the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Particular attention will be paid to the role of the church when it comes to castration of people, Netherlands Health Secretary, MarliesVeldhuijzen  van Zanten said in Wednesday to the Houses of Parliament.

The minister wants to look at the legal, ethical, religious, historical and health law aspects of castration. The insistance on an investigation came from Parliament and also from the Deetman Commission who investigated abuse in the church. Veldhuijzen will consult with scientists who have previously been consulted on the subject, to see how research can best proceed.

Recently concern arose from a story about a sexually abused boy who in the '50s who had been castrated in a psychiatric institution linked to the Roman Catholic Church. The Chamber launched a consultation about castration, which had been scheduled for Thursday.

Full details of the original case in a series of Cathcon articles
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