Saturday, May 14, 2011

Former head of German Catholic laity gets banned from church premises for supporting abortion


The Bishop of Regensburg Gerhard Ludwig Müller has forbidden the use of church premises for a presentation of the former president of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Professor Hans Maier. Maier was on Monday due to present his memoirs in a diocesan centre. The diocese was not generally opposed to an appearance by Maier said a diocese spokesman. "But this is specifically about the memoirs, in which Maier supports for the pregnancy counselling , which includes the option to kill the child."

The Bavarian Radio had reported that the reason for the cancellation was the involvement of the former Education Minister in the organization 'Donum Vitae'.

On the scandal of earlier episcopal support for Donum Vitae, see this article. The Cardinal Lehmann inheritance.   Link previous down- another description of the scandal.

Maier deplored the cancellation of the invitation. He had presented his memoirs in rooms of the Catholic Academy in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. He was 'very surprised' that the Diocese of Regensburg was more 'petty' than other dioceses, he told the radio station. He did not envisage a deeper conflict with Müller.

What a world, when a Catholic diocese is accused by a leading "Catholic" layman of being petty for opposing abortion. Lay participation gone completely wrong- all because no safeguards were maintained after the Council. Such layman have been constantly appeased rather than confronted over decades.
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