Saturday, May 14, 2011

Church takes action against mafia

AFP: Kirche von Neapel verweigert Mafiosi Sakramente

Church of Naples denies mafiosi sacraments
Rome - The Catholic Church in the region of Naples will in the future deny sacraments to mafiosi. For unrepentant members of organized crime, there will be no more church burials, and they will not any more be able even to be godparents and marriage witnesses, said Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe.

It was "inconceivable" that the "anti-Christ" should participate in organised Christianity, he said in the statement. A dead Mafiosi will be directly buried at the cemetery, the church being barred to him. If a Mafia member, however, shows repentance, this will not be the position. The cardinal said this the day before the new regulations were to be published and welcomed the blow the church has dealt to the Camorra.
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