Friday, August 27, 2010

Part of church serves as mosque

Bron : une partie de l'église sert de mosquée pour les musulmans

Since 2006, the church of Saint-Etienne du Terraillon, Bron, welcomes on its premises Muslims who use part of premises for worship.

Cohabitation is unusual, but for those involved this is working very well. Father Yves Bernini church of Saint-Etienne Bron in Terraillon rents rooms behind the church building which Muslims use to pray.

Until 2006, Muslims around the leased premises and not confined to safety standards. The solution came to fruition with these rooms formerly dedicated to catechism. The pastor of the church has embraced his new tenants and he now enjoys friendly relations with Muslim leaders. At Christmas, the believers of both religions never fail to invite each other.

The situation will not drag on for long: an application for planning permission for a new mosque on the road to Genas, Bron, should be made this autumn.
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