Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Danneels Cover-Up - there are tapes

Danneels wilde seksueel misbruik Vangheluwe geheim houden -

Danneels wanted sexual abuse by Vangheluwe kept secret

Cardinal Godfried Danneels attempted to cover up the sexual abuse of Bishop Roger Vangheluwe . This is evident from his conversation with the victim Vangheluwe.

The newspapers are considering today the transcription of two soundtracks that the victim made of his conversation with Danneels and Vangheluwe. It appears that Danneels wanted to keep secret the scandal until the bishop retired one year later . This however, the cardinal has always denied.

The victim himself, a nephew of the bishop has come out with the recordings because he says he is the victim of a smear campaign by the Church. It us a fact that Roger Vangheluwe has given money to his nephew over the years. The victim has never been questioned, but always has asked for the resignation of Vangheluwe.


The Cardinal now regrets that talks with the victim made public. According to his spokesman Toon Osaer it was a discreet and confidential conversation. "It was also the first visit and there was a prospect that a sequel was coming. It is important to to underline this briefly," he states
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