Emails show Bishop Williamson continues to deny the Holocaust

Piusbruderschaft: Williamson leugnet weiter den Holocaust - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

Richard Williamson: diehard Bishop
Incorrigible Bishop: One year after his Holocaust denial the British Bishop Richard Williamson according to information obtained by Spiegel still maintains his controversial theories. Ultra-conservative SSPX e-mails show that Williamson continues to say that "the six million gassed" is "a complete lie".

Hamburg -- Bishop Richard Williamson further denied the Holocaust. While his arch-conservative SSPX is directly negotiating with Pope Benedict XVI on matters of faith, the British man remains incomprehensible.
A year ago Williamson plunged the Catholic Church into a deep crisis with his views . From internal e-mails of the ultra-conservative SSPX, it is apparent according to information obtained by SPIEGEL that Williamson continues to say that "the six million gassed"is "a complete lie".

On this "fact" a "whole new world order" has been established. The Jews, according to the priest, who is summoned in April to Germany to appear in court charged with racial hatred, "have thanks to the concentration camps found a substitute redeemer."

Williamson has also claims that the "1.3 million deportees" from the camps at Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec and Sobibor not gassed, but were moved to the parts of the Soviet Union occupied by Germany.
The bishop apparently has further contact with leaders of the revisionist scene, like the Swiss Jurgen Graf.

His own SSPX believe the Englishman, to be "a ticking time bomb", but did not want to expel him. He had many merits. In addition, the SSPX fear that Williamson could consecrate new bishops if he was expelled and so create such a counter-church.

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Dolorosa said…
The enemies of Christ want to shut up anyone who dares to speak out or question the party line. Obviously this persecution isn't against just Bishop Williamson but against the traditions of the Catholic Church. The New World Order is godless! Pray for the bishop but above all prepare and pray for final perseverance for yourself. Until the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is done "correctly", the world will continue to get worse!
Dolorosa said…
I just found out there is more to the story:

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