Thursday, August 20, 2009

Priestess of all beliefs

Joan Elkerbout wants to set up a "church" of all beliefs. Its called the Inter-Spiritual Movement.

In fact, this will be the cause of further fragmentation- each person would want a different mixture of faiths- more like cocktails than real religion.

The idea of the priesthood of all believers has been pushed too far in the post-conciliar years, but this is a good illustration of where women's ordination would take the church.

One is reminded of the title King Henry VIII was given by the Pope "Defender of the Faiths" which Prince Charles with the collusion of the Anglican establishments reportedly wants to change to "defender of faiths". Joan Elkerbout could have played a role in the Court of Prince Charles, if the English had not dismantled the Court in the 1950s.

Real priests do not serve strange gods, but rather the Divine Infant King, and serve in His Person.

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