SSPX Germany Statement about the German Bishops

FSSPX.INFO - Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X. Deutschland

The German bishops wish to reject any dialogue with the SSPX.

This is the impression given by the utterances of the General Assembly of the German Bishops. Before anything is discussed, the whole council should be recognised. Otherwise return "out with the SSPX."

But mildly spoken this is "a little illogical." That's as if on beginning a dialogue with the Orthodox, requiring the resolution of all points under debate.

Are they in Hamburg and Freiburg afraid of the conversation?

As the Bishops set dialogue over everything, they will lose credibility with this attitude.

Above all, Archbishop Zollitsch - as is now done – makes the Council into a super dogma.

Every Catholic knows that the Second Vatican Council clearly just wanted to be just a purely pastoral council. No dogmas were promulgated.

Apparently, a taboo zone which cannot be breached is to be set up. This fully untheological approach cannot be supported by completely self-conscious and tradition-minded Catholics.

Note: This is not about the rejection of the Council as a legitimate assembly of the Catholic Church!

For the SSPX it is about a correction of the ambiguous wording and the fact that the council as a whole and in all parts must be brought into accordance with the eternal tradition of the Church.

In other words, we want an interpretation of the Council which does not break with the 2000-year tradition of the Church, but conforms to it.

And it is not about the SSPX: they fight for the credibility of the Catholic Church.

After all, how can a community be credible if their principles change with time?


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