Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bishops must defy the Pope says German press

Kirche, Papst und Pius-Gate - Mit Freimut aus der Krise - Politik -

With the frankness of the crisis
Scandals serve the truth: Why German bishops should criticise the Pope because of his closeness to the SSPX.

Can a Catholic bishop criticise the Pope? The bishops gathered in Hamburg are divided on whether and how well they respond to the terrible mistakes which have occured in the case of the papal clemency towards the SSPX.

The fact that the lifting of excommunication was more than just a failure, says no one openly. Transparency should be attached to the church as almost a duty of a bishop.

Fair debate belongs to the tradition of ecclesiastical controversy, since at the first apostolic council Paul resisted Peter - and won the argument

The German bishops want to write a letter to the Catholics in the country. That's good, because the irritation of the faithful is great. The last time a gathering wrote such a pastoral letter was more than 40 years ago.

That was 1968, when Paul VI issued his "pill encyclical" Humanae Vitae when the bishops assembled in Königstein insisted that the final arbiter in the question of contraception was the conscience of individual Christians.

Conservative Catholics, including Pope Benedict XVI believe that this declaration even today to be a "breach of loyalty” to the Magisterium, but in Germany the Königstein Declaration prevented many Catholics from being alienated from their church.
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