Sunday, February 08, 2009

German TV on the Williamson affair

Sorry, only in German and for those that understand German, a lamentable standard of discussion.

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pclaudel said...

Very interesting discussion, albeit nauseating, for two reasons: (1) the producer clearly felt no need to seat even a single panelist representing an opposing view (in that sense, were it not in German, the discussion could easily have been mistaken for the kind of political, social, and religious discussions aired here in the States, especially in the Northeast, where hard left opinion is the only one ever presented because it and it alone is considered respectable); how confident he must have felt that all the program's viewers would loathe the "alte Kirche" as much as the panelists do; (2) Bishop Zollitsch's complete comfort sitting among slanderers of his at least nominal faith and of his religious superior was something to behold. We in the USA still don't see such open cooperation with contemptuous lay colleagues in men consecrated to the fullness of the priesthood (we know that it's there, of course, but it's still largely kept under wraps). At least I know now that I have something to look forward to from those among America's bishops who model themselves on their European brethren!