Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bishop Williamson- go to hell

How he is seen in the German tabloid press today- front page news.

Not only Catholics support the disposal of Williamson. There is also criticism of the inactivity of the Pope.

The Liar Bishop - retracts nothing
Bishop Williamson as Pinnochio


Syriacus said...

Das Problem might be rather the 'Untätigkeit' of Fellay...

Unknown said...

This man is delusional. I invite him to visit Yad Vesham, the holocaust memorial in Israel or the Holocaust museum in Washington. He is an insult to those of us who lost family in the gas chambers; my family tree in Europe ends at Auschwitz. Where does he think 6 million Jews went during the war? Poland had a vivacious Jewish community of 3 million before the war, 3.000 after.
-Mark Greenbaum

pclaudel said...

"Lügen-Bischof" does not mean "Denier Bishop"; that would be "Leugnen-Bischof." It means "Liar Bishop."

Are the Williamson haters out there so worshipful of unsupported popular opinion that they are really chuffed seeing even this characterization? For shame!

Unknown said...

I sold the bottom (Pinocchio) pic to a Catholic, German image agency, and it is especially sad for me to see it used by these filthy tabloids in this way. There really is no control over the use once a picture is sold.

To everyone's comfort, Bp. Williamson's fax interview in Der Spiegel is great, he really shines as a beacon of everything which is good in spite of the malicious reporters.