Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fr Wagner- now the Honorary Citizenship is in doubt

Ehrenbürgerschaft für Pfarrer Gerhard M. Wagner ist noch offen

The conferment of honorary citizenship of Windischgarsten on Father Gerhard Maria Wagner is still not certain.

The proposal comes from Mayor Norbert Vögerle (Peoples' Party- the Christian Democrats), who in a conversation with the other party leaders was assured of the consent of all parties in the town council .

"However, at the time Father Wagner had not yet announced his withdrawal from the future office as Bishop of the Diocese of Linz ," says SP-chairman Manfred Trinkl. He fears a split in the village, if the application should be on the agenda for the council meeting next Friday and Wagner is actually given the Honorary Citizenship.

"It is not the right time," agrees councilor Reinhard Virag (Socialist) . "We stand behind the priest, but at the present time, it is not defensible, in addition to causing a stir." FP-Chairman Werner Fuchs says the whole place is standing behind Wagner and his pastoral activities were positive. Mayor Norbert Vögerle yesterday could not be reached for a telephone opinion .

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