Thursday, February 26, 2009

30000 Catholics criticise the Pope

Immer mehr Gläubige stützen Petition gegen Williamson - 30 000 kritisieren den Papst - Nachrichten -

More and more believers support petition against Williamson
Munich - Approximately 30 000 people, including many theology professors, have so far signed a petition to Pope Benedict XVI for the lifting of the excommunication of the traditionalist-Bishop and Richard Williamson criticized Holocaust deniers. It was reported from the districts of the initiators. An official figure will be be published during the spring session of the German bishops which begins in Hamburg on Monday . The petition disturbs the German bishops, since the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller had threatened three signatory Professors with sanctions if they do not remove their signatures. In spite of a jointly published statement by the Diocese and the theological faculty of Regensburg , which should have settles the dispute, the matter for Bishop Müller is apparently not over. In an interview he said the statement an "attack on the Pope." This was contradicted by one of the authors of the petition, the Heidelberg professor emeritus Norbert Scholl, in an open letter to Mueller. The petition has been drafted "from a great concern for the welfare of the Church" . By his action against the signatories Müller was "increasingly incomprehensible" - even to the Bishop's colleagues. He, Scholl, had experienced in the GDR, "how many priests and devout Catholics have suffered in the power apparatus of the GDR regime ." But from a bishop, he expected, rather than being required to submit for him to search for dialogue.

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