Friday, January 30, 2009

Bishop Williamson’s health

from What Does The Prayer Really Say?

The Italian site Messa In Latino is reporting that perhaps SSPX Bp. Williamson may be suffering, even dying, from cancer.

Among other La Repubblica’s Marco Politti, not my favorite but very well-informed, recounted what Bp. Negri of San Marino said, namely, that Williamson has a tumor and is dying: "Intanto mons. Williamson è chiuso nel seminario di La Reja in Argentina. Il vescovo di San Marino mons. Luigi Negri ha dichiarato a sorpresa a Repubblica-Tv che il presule «ha un tumore e sta morendo."

Also, Card. Castrillon was reported to hav commented on Bp. Williamson’s health.

Please pray!

And subsequently denied via Rorate Caeli.

"His Excellency is alive and well and rumors of a tumor are not true and a very unfortunate attempt to draw Bishop Williamson out into the public arena for some sort of comment or interview."

Please pray in any case for the Bishop.
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