Monday, March 17, 2008

There are parishes in Brussels without priests on Sunday


But nobody told the Carmelites, as they continue to concelebrate.


Unknown said...

Hmmmm G,

Perhaps they are trying to leave a smaller "carbon footprint" by not using transportation to go out to different locations...

Golly I can't even type that crap without laughing.

Why isn't saying the Mass everywhere and anywhere the delight of every priest?

Do I feel sorry for the circuit riders? NO. NO I DO NOT.

Let them find a layman with a decent car to serve as a driver and and let the laity organize different programs and protests and whatever.

I am coming more and more to see the wisdom of your posting a week or so ago - in fact most of these guys seem to be snoozing away the time.

When you think about the circuit riding priests who rode horses and walked, who did not have soft beds, climate control, indoor plumbing... No, I don't feel sorry for these guys having to drive around a lot.

That is what they signed up for.

SassyDefiance89 said...

I couldn't agree more with the comment of "a simple sinner" about laughing... I too just gave a hearty belly laugh when I read your comical post --- sobering yet very comical! Hahahahaha!!!!!

More of your -or shall I say people's funny antics from Europe or around the GLOBE-please...


BTW, got your link when Credo posted one of your articles over at his blog!