Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lutherans to Open Doors

to Cash-Strapped Catholics

Strapped for funds and faced with church closures, Catholics in Lower Saxony have appealed to Lutherans to share churches. It wouldn't be the first time two of Germany's Christian churches share houses of worship.

The Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim in the northern state of Lower Saxony on Monday, Jan. 21, asked the Lutherans in the state for permission to hold religious services in their facilities.

The diocese, one of 27 in Germany, said it planned to close 80 of its 438 churches due to a budget crunch. It will also require local communities to pay for the upkeep of dozens more.

Arend de Vries, a senior official in Lower Saxony's Protestant Church said he was open to the idea but would wait for an official request from the diocese before making the Catholics an offer.

A further consequence of the Hildesheim Massacre.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Isn't it about time for someone to ask just who you think you are? You're not a bishop. You're not a priest. You're a little man with a lot of grudges who seems determined to order the authorities Our Lord set over His Church about. He didn't appoint you to do that, you appointed yourself. For all your protestations of fidelity, your form of dissent through fault finding and snottiness isn't a bit different from that of any other petty dissident. Time to cut this nonsense out and admit you have no authority in the Church and no standing whatsoever in the situations you carp about.

ChrisG said...

A layman who travels around Europe a lot. Absolutely correct, the solution does not lie in my hands, it lies with those in authority as much as they still do have authority over a rapidly detiorating situation. However, I absolutely refuse to take the Three Monkeys position on reporting the contemporary church. The beautiful and the good is also reported on Cathcon.