Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Catholics say Mass in India!


And where India leads Linz is not far behind.


Eric John said...

At least in Linz there is a Crucifix, a blatant, if off-center and rather forgotten CHRISTIAN image. In the Indian picture, there are two prominent IDOLS. What's going on? It appears they've gone beyond syncretism.

Miles said...

Linz, the place where the institution formerly known as Catholic Church gone mad...

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

It is not Catholic practice to sit on the floor to celebrate or to assist at Mass.

In fact, it is contrary to liturgical norms. It is an abuse which should be suppressed.

The Syrians don't do it. The Malabarese don't do it. The Malankarese don't do it.

So why should the Latins do it ?

I wonder if they realise how silly and old fashioned they look, squatting on the floor like that ?

Perhaps they have simply never outgrown their rebellious teenage years ?

Pathetic people.