Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why a general indult for the Latin Mass is inevitable

The Vatican has only got to watch the television every other Sunday morning (the Catholic Church alternates with the Protestants) to survey the liturgical wasteland which is Germany, but which is also typical of the whole Catholic world.

The reconciliation of the SSPX may be important but it is not the only issue at stake.

Here are a selection (which change from time to time) podcasted by ZDF, the German equivalent of the BBC.

The notable exception to this was the broadcast from Maria Plain, which saw an eastward facing Mass of sorts and magnificent singing. Sadly, we can only see the latter in the podcast.

Extending German religious programming
to a Muslim audience

ZDF is planning a “Word on Friday” in its online religious provision to benefit a Muslim audience. They are using the ARD transmission, “Word on Sunday” (a discussion programme) as a prototype and they plan to transmit it from May onwards in the German language. They will feature imans as well as German commentators, talk about the latest topics and attempt to get discussions going, according to ZDF Editorial Chief, Nikolaus Brender. It is intended to be a further tool in the examination of Islam. The protestant bishop, Wolfgang Huber and Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schauble support this initiative. If there is positive feedback, it is envisaged to extend it to television. (edited translation of press release)

This plan has now drawn some heavy criticism from the Christian Social Union, the main political party in nominally Catholic Bavaria.

Finally from ZDF

A remarkable claim that the previous Pope carried out an exorcism. Caution disturbing content showing an exorcism prefacing the interview.

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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Yes. I read about this a couple of years ago, and in more than one place. I recall that it failed, i.e. the Pope failed to cast out the demon.

True? Who knows. BTW CG, I have 45 minutes of Grand Sire Triples (quarter peal on 8 bells) going on my blog, turn on the volume.

Good grief, I feel like I'm selling Catholic crack or something.