Sunday, February 25, 2007

We don’t need any mosque broadcasting.

I commented below on a report that ZDF the German equivalent of the BBC was starting with programming aimed at a Muslim audience (and scroll down a small way).

Now the General Secretary of the Bavarian Christian Social Union has criticised the ZDF plans.

As there has been the broadcast “Word on Sunday” over many decades, it is envisaged to provide Muslims with a broadcast of a similar type. The ZDF wants to offer a “Forum for Friday” on the internet within a few months.

The 40 year old CSU General Secretary Markus Soeder has criticized this sharply in an interview with Bild am Sonntag, “Germany does not need mosque broadcasting” Television fees are not meant for this. The “Word on Friday” does not assist integration but emphasises “parallel societies”. He further says that public television must overcome barriers and should emphasise differences.

“Instead of talking about Islam, rather the values of our overall culture should be reported”.

The General Secretary criticizes that the “Forum for Friday” is only on the internet and says “how could one prevent the situation that agressive Islamic groups use this internet platform for their purposes”.

The German Green Party has attacked Herr Soeder and backed the plan.

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