Sunday, November 26, 2006

The nun and the heretic


A picture of Joan Chittister (correction the Prior of Sister Chittister's covent- see comments) - with a German Benedictine nun summing up all that has gone wrong with religious life in the last forty years.

Sister Chittister runs around from conference to conference trading on the name of the Benedictine order. She fancies herself as a prophetess. St Benedict had harsh words for religious who wandered from monastery to monastery seeking food and board. One prefers not to think how angry he would be with one of his religious who was a habitual presenter at conferences.


Father V said...

Correction: that's not Sr. Joan Chittister pictured, but Sr. Christine Vladimiroff of the same congregation.

ChrisG said...

A frightening similarity! Sr. Christine Vladimiroff, the Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie as well as 127 out of 128 supported Sister Chittister in her defiance of Rome when Ordinatio Sacerdotalis was issued.

Eric John said...

The grace of prophecy is quite different from the grace of the priesthood. The grace of the priesthood cannot be taken away, but prophecy is a gift given to a VERY few, most of whom, at least in Orthodoxy, work very hard at disguising this gift in feigned madness or, like the Prophet Monk Abel, they're locked up in prison by rulers like Catherine the Great.