Sunday, November 26, 2006

First Latin Rite ordinations in over forty years

in the Diocese of Linz. Some pictures.

The same Bishop has just presided over the distribution of 15000 CDs promoting condom use. But sadly not a word of criticism from the St Peter's Fraternity in Linz. How could they given the Bishop's generosity.

Just before these ordinations, theBishop ordained the notorious Deacon Golatz to the priesthood. A poor deal, two traditional priests who could have been ordained elsewhere for a heretic.

At the back of the same Church, a book, which despite its questioning title openly supports Harry Potter movies. Written by a member of the Fraternity of St Peter.

His superior is
Fr Axel Maussen FSSP
Haus St. Michael
Kapellenweg 5
D-88145 Opfenbach

Tel. 0049/8385/16 25 or 9221
Fax 0049/8385/9221-33

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