Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Proposals for Curial reform


“Reform of the Roman Curia” was the cry of the day—among journalists, at least—in the days before the conclave that elected Pope Francis. So now with the new Pope settling into his work, commentators are speculating on the sort of changes that the Holy Father might make.

George Weigel has presented a short list of his own suggestions for administrative reforms at the Vatican. He suggests, for example, that the disproportionate power exercised by Italian clerics could be resolved by using “the world language—English” rather than Italian for the everyday work of the Curia. Italian is the appropriate language for the Diocese of Rome, Weigel reasons, but the Roman Curia should represent the universal Church. He also suggests a pruning of the pontifical councils, downgrading several to “research centers in their fields, not mini-cabinet departments.”

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Cathcon- it was originally Pope Paul VI who gave the Secretariat of State primacy over all departments including the CDF.  This has to be reversed - the Church's role is not a diplomatic power house but Supreme teacher of Faith and Morals.   The teaching of morals also needs to rediscover a credible basis also in association with the teaching of the Faith.

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