Saturday, March 16, 2013

So you think the Pope is not Catholic enough

Will post shortly on why this will be a highly successful Papacy
but why like Waterloo, it is going to be a close run thing.


Supertradmum said...

There is a misunderstanding about how the Holy Spirit works, is there not? He does not stand in the conclave and put a big light on a person. Cardinals elect a pope, through prayer and hopefully their own spiritual discernment because they are pursuing personal holiness. But, they are not infallible and as men, have weaknesses just as we all do.

If recent history has not shown us anything but that cardinals can sin, even greviously, such as in cover-ups of abuse, then we must stop playing the magic thinking game.

God has two wills, permissive and perfect. We do not know His Will in the case of all choices for popes until we see the fruit of the papacy.

Just a note; public humility is fine, but the office of the papacy is bigger than a person and like a much worse person, Thomas a Becket, I hope this good Pope Francis starts to pick up the trappings of a pope, the successor of Peter and not merely the Bishop of Rome.

Sixupman said...

Apparently Francis I eschews the Papacy, per se, by the apparent sole adoption of his co-status as Bishop of Rome. Read: 'Pastor Inter Pares'; Chairman (at least not chairperson) of the 'synod' of Bishops' Conferences. All very CofE?

There is also such a thing as false humility and humility not tempered with Charity is not humility at all.

Aged parent said...

So who says they consulted the Holy Ghost? Given the corruption in the Church visible to all I fail to see why anyone can assume so complacently that the Holy Ghost was even acknowledged, let alone consulted.

I'm certain some of those Cardinals accepted the graces of the Holy Ghost but not all.