Friday, April 06, 2012

Austrian Stations of the Cross

Following the Way of the Hand, not the Passion of Our Lord.

Pictures or tableaux of the various Stations are not necessary. It is to the cross placed over them that the indulgence is attached. These crosses must be of wood; no other material will do. If only painted on the wall the erection is null (Cong. Ind., 1837, 1838, 1845);
If, for restoring the church, for placing them in a more convenient position, or for any other reasonable cause, the crosses are moved, this may be done without the indulgence being lost (1845). If any of the crosses, for some reason, have to be replaced, no fresh blessing is required, unless more than half of them are so replaced (1839).
There should if possible be a separate meditation on each of the fourteen incidents of the Via Crucis, not a general meditation on the Passion nor on other incidents not included in the Stations. No particular prayers are ordered;


teresa said...

These ugly and infantile pictures are an insult to the beautiful church.

stceolfrithtx said...

I'm guessing that they're really, really obscure depictions of the stations of the cross? How do they even know what each means?

Regarding the creation of these, maybe the priest, low on money, asked parishioners if they could produce some new stations of the cross... hand. *rimshot*

Francis Siefken said...

2 questions: 1. Are there any formal limitations on the artistic interpretation of the stations of the cross? I do agree that they should be recognizable in the sense people understand the meaning of the rendition in order to be of more value in going the way of the cross.
2. You don't provide us with the artist explanation and background of each depiction, does that mean the church/parish didn't offer one to the people or during mass? Perhaps it's stylized gestual german!

Anonymous said...

Not my cup of tea, but not that big of a deal, either.


motuproprio said...

Stations of the Cross are 14 blessed crosses. Illustrations are an optional extra. However, I see no crosses here, so they are not really stations at all.

Rich said...

The meaning of the Stations should be self evident. These are not. Art should guide you and instruct you in the faith. These abstract type of arrangements do nothing to guide the soul as the meaning of the pieces are utterly vague.

Austria is in need of help. The fight against Wagner is making more sense now. People cannot recognize Catholicism anymore. How sad.